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1 YOUR Info
2 YOUR Business
3 Your Brand
4 D.I. Services
5 Apps
6 Website
7 BrandING
8 Social Media
9 Emails
10 SMS
11 WhatsApp

1. General Contact Information:

First Name
Last Name
AddressType your address
Cityyour city
Phone Number
Mobile Number
Websiteyour website
Other Way Of Knowing Digital Image ™

2. General Business Background Information:

Business NameType Your Business Name
The Decision Maker for This Project's Namefull name
IT Person Full Name
IT Person Mobile Number
Business Main LocationType Your Business Main Location City
Describe Your Businessmore details
0 /
State Your Business Objectivesmore details
0 /

Tell Us About Your Business Competitors

Competitor 1 Name
Competitor 1 Website
Competitor 1 Comment
Competitor 2 Name
Competitor 2 Website
Competitor 2 Comment
Competitor 3 Name
Competitor 3 Website
Competitor 3 Comment
What Makes You Different From Your Competitorsmore details
0 /
What Are Your Products and Servicesmore details
0 /
Describe Your Target Audiencemore details
0 /
What Frustrates You About Your Current Situationmore details
0 /
What Would You Like to Achieve with Digital Image ™pick one or many!
Your Desired Achievement With Digital Image ™

Type Your Social Media Accounts Links OR Names

Facebookyour social media account
Instagramyour social media account
Twitteryour social media account
Any Extra Notes About Your Businessmore details
0 /

3. General Brand Identity Information:

Few words that you want people to associate your Business’s brand withbrand details
0 /
Your Business Taglineyour tagline
What Do You Currently Have as a Brand Identitypick one or many!
Other Brand Identity You Have

4. Service Brief Information:

Select Your Best Service With Digital Image ™pick one or many!

Kindly, Skip the unwanted / unselected service sections by (pressing the NEXT button below) or (from the section numbers above).
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Digital Image ™ | Mobile Applications Brief:

Application Platformpick one or many!
Other Type Of The Application End-User
Existing Applications You Wish to Take Features or Design Inspiration Frommore details
0 /
Required Functionalities for the Applicationmore details
0 /
Why Do You Need the Applicationmore details
0 /
Describe Your Application Idea in Generalmore details
0 /
Briefly, Describe the Scope & Concept of the Applicationmore details
0 /
More Notes for Us to Keep in Mindmore details
0 /
Any Files You Would Like To Uploadupload
Upload Your Files

Digital Image ™ | Website Brief:

Other Usage / Type Of The Website
(Current / Desired) Website Domain Name (Website Link)
Supplies You Will Providepick one or many!
Other Supplies You Will Provide
The Website’s Goalspick one or many!
Other Goals
Select the Desired Sections/pages You Want in Your Websitepick one or many!
Other Sections / Pages
Select the Desired Features / Functions You Want in Your Websitepick one or many!
Other Features / Functions

Few Things That You See in Other Websites and You Like

Item 1
Website 1
Item 2
Website 2
Item 3
Website 3

Few Things That You See in Other Websites and You Dislike

Item 1
Website 1
Item 2
Website 2
Item 3
Website 3
What Is Good About Your Existing Websitemore details
0 /
What Is Bad About Your Existing Websitemore details
0 /
List the Top 10 Search Phrases -If Possible- That People Use (Will Use) to Find Your Websitemore details
0 /
More Notes for Us to Keep in Mindmore details
0 /
Any Files You Would Like To Uploadupload
Upload Your Files

Digital Image ™ | Brand Identity Brief:

Business / Brand Name
Brief About Your Business Historymore details
0 /
Key Benefits of Your Businessmore details
0 /
Design Goal You Want to Achievemore details
0 /
Aesthetic Side You Are Looking for in the Logomore details
0 /
List of Colors You Like to See in the Logo & Identity (Be as Specific as Possible)more details
0 /
What Do You Want Your Logo to Look Likemore details
0 /
What Do You Don't Want Your Logo to Look Likemore details
0 /
Inspiration You Want Us to Look atmore details
0 /
Exact Text for Your Logo. (only applicable for logos with words included)
Business Tagline/slogan. (only include it if you want it incorporated in the logo design)
Any Existing Brand Guidelines
Any Existing Design or a Sketch for the Desired Logo
Required Stationary Itemspick one or many!
Other Stationary Items You Want
Required Marketing Accessories Mockupspick one or many!
Other Marketing Accessories Mockups You Want
More Notes for Us to Keep in Mindmore details
0 /
Any Files You Would Like To Uploadupload
Upload Your Files

Digital Image ™ | Online Campaigns & Social Media Brief:

Business Name
Targeted Industry
Brief About Your Companymore details
0 /
Main Competitor Name
Main Competitor Link
Main Competitor Name
Main Competitor Link
Main Competitor Name
Main Competitor Link
Social Media Management Goalsmore details
0 /
Social Media Campaigns Goalsmore details
0 /
Estimated Budget

Your Business / Brand Social Media Accounts Names Or Links

Required Social Media Channels Managementpick one or many!
Other Required Social Media Channels Management

Detailed & Further Specific Information

Quantity of Monthly Content Creation
Quantity of Monthly Blog Posts
Quantity of Monthly Twitter Tweets
Quantity of Monthly Facebook Posts
Quantity of Monthly Instagram Posts
Quantity of Monthly LinkedIn Posts
Quantity of Monthly Youtube Videos
Hours of Community Management & Engagement Per Week
Preferred Tone to Use
Landing Page Link

Online Campaigns Information

Required Online Campaigns Platformspick one or many!
Other Required Online Campaigns Platforms
Campaign Objectivepick one or many!
Other Campaign Objective
Campaign Duration (In Weeks)
Monthly Campaign Budget For Growthin Saudi Riyals
Targeted Locations (City) or (Region)
Targeted Audience Gender
Targeted Audience Age Range
Targeted Audience Languages
More Notes for Us to Keep in Mindmore details
0 /
Any Files You Would Like To Uploadupload
Upload Your Files

Digital Image ™ | Email Shots Campaigns Brief:

Sender ID Nameyour name
Email address for the campaignemail subject
Subject of Email Messageemail subject
Preview Text of Email Messageemail preview text
Business Logoupload
Upload Your Logo File preferably (.ai) format
Content Text Messagemore details

0 /
Call To Action (CTA) Messagemore details
0 /

Recommended sizes:

Big size = 1128x386 in pixels

Medium size = 600x800 in pixels

Small size = 528x356 in pixels

Content Picturesupload
Upload All Your Pictures

Digital Image ™ | SMS Marketing Campaigns Brief:

Sender ID Nameyour name
What language would you like to usepick one!
Arabic Text Messagemore details

0 / 70
English Text Messagemore details
0 / 160

Digital Image ™ | WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns Brief:

Sender ID Nameyour name
Profile Pictureupload
Upload Your Picture
Would you like to attach a media file? (Image, Video, Audio or PDF)pick one!
Text Messagemore details
0 / 1500
The File You Would Like To Attacheupload
Upload Your File
Caption Text Messagemore details
0 / 200

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