Media Production & Planning

Our advertising methods use mass media to promote brands and reach out to the audience. All the strategies we follow encompasses multimedia advertising, television, and radio. We will provide the leading advertising techniques in order to get you the best service and results.

Digital Signage

With over 10 years’ experience in Digital Signage and, Digital Signal Interconnection Along with Digital Image ™ International Partners, our services offer you a bright, dynamic digital future. Digital Image ™ has contracted with companies have a long history in the field, enabling us to manage your networks And your channels to reach the capacity of exceeding thousands of screens and hundreds of branches in one time. Not to mention the digital content industry for this technology through interactive templates that allow you to browse content in a modern way. And distribute it between branches to suit your needs.


If you want to affect and influence a wide range of audience, television advertising is a beneficial choice for your business. At Digital Image, we take an alternative approach to concentrate on getting your message across to the right audience. We also use this crucial advertising method in defining and realizing brand identity that plays an integral role when it comes to building your brand.


Since radio advertising placements can be purchased on a local, regional or national level, we present you with abundant options of where to advertise based on the stations you select. You can choose specific radio channels to reach your targeted markets anywhere. Our team will make your message creatively different to help you increase your brand identity in the audience’s mind.


Whether you were looking for a huge space on a street to place your advertise on it, a great spot on a mall or even in a specific place you have on mind. This service suit this purpose completely. with our network and connections we will design and publish your ad at any place you could dream of.

Print Press

Newspaper, Magazines or Letterpress, you name your favorite place to tell your audience about your services or products in any visual type, as Digital Image dedicate its full resources and all of its artists to help you visualize the impossible. then spread it nationwide in your preferred press type with our many partners worldwide.

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