In Digital Image, we provide exceptional celebrities business management. We offer special services and a unique treatment that leads to guaranteed satisfaction. Also, we have a track record of excellent performance with projects that require high-quality results with precision and speed.

Social Media Accounts Management

You might get overwhelmed with all of your social media channels, users and different audiences. Everything put together can be challenging if you have a lot of followers on each network. At Digital Image, celebrity’s social media management is one of our top priorities.


We have facilitated celebrity’s sponsorships with our wide public relationships. Since sponsorship is an alternate form of advertisement, Digital Image will ensure to reach you out to the right names to get the best sponsorships that meet your needs.

Events Management

Digital Image has expertise based solutions in celebrity events management. We handle the arrangement of various celebrities like film stars, TV artists, sports stars, models and other famous personalities all over the Middle East.

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