Social Media Management

As a brand in the digital marketing field, we know that it’s vital for your business to tap into online conversations. Our social media management tools give you a way to better understand prospective and current customer needs by streamlining and integrating multiple marketing areas.

Content management

Starting from creation to permanent storage or deletion, we deliver content to social media platforms to get valuable insights. Our content management service has a balancing act for tailoring content to each social network audiences and selecting the best content to suit numerous platforms.

Community management

It is about guiding the community into the desired direction using effective strategies to build, engage and keep the spirit of the social media community. We know that conversations are the core of our responsibilities. Therefore, on behalf of our clients, we create a link between them and the community. Also, we insure delivering the best services to our clients, knowing that implementing the professional standards would save their time and energy.

Social Media MARKETING

The growing trend of convergence between communities online has opened an opportunity for companies to create awareness of their brands through social media campaigns and social media events. We process and create traffic as well as attention through social media platforms.

Social Media Network Strategies & Audits

Being responsible of creating a global strategy means including training, corporate blogs, community applications and capabilities, along with providing guidance to other marketing groups. We provide a clear objective picture of the business environment in three audit steps: market analysis, competitor analysis and financial analysis. Our service is tailored in a form to help you shaping and realigning your overall business strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Well, here at Digital Image, we talk a lot about influencer marketing, and how influencer marketing should be a vital part of your brand strategy, and so on and so forth. We have more than 500 influencers working directly with us, with more than 198 Million followers can affect your road-map positively.

Sentiment Analysis

Determining the sentimental and emotional impressions that come from the mass’s replies, attitudes, opinions or any other expressions by sophisticated in-house developed tools and algorithms to monitor and track the power of your product or service impact on your targeted audience and to get an overview of the wider public opinion. Which gives you the ability to react better accordingly to provide even better improved products or services in your market.

Crisis Management

Ever faced a disruptive or unexpected event that threatens to harm you in a way you could not deal with or your employee aren’t yet ready for it ? this type of solution is provided by Digital Image for you at any time. Our team will handle it for you in a professional way that keeps and maintains your public image along with your privacy. Doesn’t matter what is the case type, we are always up to it.

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