Digital Marketing

Digital Image has combined all of your online marketing requirements at one place. Designed to be helpful and interesting to your audience and eventually benefit your business. The services we provide are fine tuned to illuminate our client’s sales and marketing efforts, from mobile application development to search engine optimization.

Development & Programming

Web Development

Our web development team will help your firm to bring in necessary changes when required. Improving brand image and fresh content in the website is essential for keeping abreast of the evolving web technologies. We have been continuously shaping our services to meet the growing demand for fast, secure and interactive websites. We offer you complete enterprise solutions with advance functionalities such as responsive, multi-language and geolocation.

Types of Web That We Provide For You

Web Applications
Custom web application development services for advanced solutions using cutting-edge development technologies.
Interactivity, creativity, security, scalability and ease of maintenance and management are the foundation of Digital Image website development, whether dynamic or static websites.
Make your e-Commerce store the best in the industry, with our e-Commerce development service using Magento, OpenCart, and WooCommerce.

Applications Development

Great mobile applications are more than lines of code. We customize user-friendly and appealing app development for all kinds of devices. They are built on a wealth of industry expertise and market-aligned processes alongside with our experience across wide range of technologies and platforms. Our application development services harness this expert capability to build solutions that will take your business into the future of digital economy.

Types of Applications That We Provide For You

iOS Applications
Our iOS app developers create outstanding iPhone and iPad applications. Our design and development procedure complies with the requisite iOS standards.
Android Applications
When we create Android Apps, our app developers guarantee that all apps are apt and indigenous for rich client experience.
Windows Applications
We assure to provide you with bug-less, scalable and high performing mobile app that will fulfill your business requirements.

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Website Strategy

Website Benchmark

Benchmarking is the best way to get a general idea about your field and its direction. Also, it’s telling you where you stand in comparison to your competitors in your field. That is coming from the effort of our auditors who is going to inspect over 100 elements in your website and the competitor’s as well. All the data will be gathered in a report with a conclusion of your ranking and highlighting where the improvements are needed on your website.

Website Structure

A website’s structure refers to how the website is set up and how the individual webpages are linked to each other. When websites have a large number of webpages, it is particularly important that crawlers can find all webpages quickly and easily for SEO advantage. Our experienced website development team create distinguishable layout templates for the pages with different functions. Also, they understand how the layout templates and URL patterns are integrated to organize the website.

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Campaigns Management


Having your website listed on Google is similar of having a billboard posted for the world. With our advertising expertise, launch your message on an effective AdWords campaign.


We implement the latest techniques and methods to get the maximum result through YouTube campaigns. Also, we target users based on what they search for.


We organize your marketing efforts through Facebook campaigns and provide you with a better view and control of the performance of your ads engagements through “likes” and “shares.”


Under latest influences, Instagram campaigns have created powerfully lasting results. We are now able to easily reach anyone in the world instantly and deliver your message in an authentic way.


By using Twitter, you can engage with people before they become your friends. We will tweet layouts and guide your profile to implement a successful Twitter campaign.

Bing Ads

Being listed on Bing is essentially added exposure to your target market. With strategical advertising campaigns we can bring your website to the forefront of search results.


Snapchat stories has proven to be a powerful platform. So, it can be valuable to your business goals, regardless of your business shape or size.


Website banners are a great way to get the word out about your business and they are easy to display your massage to your target audience. Our customizable templates will definitely help you get noticed.


LinkedIn recently launched a campaign service. That help you reach a professional audience and increase the word of mouth to strengthen your brand awareness.


Making customers walking through your door is not an easy thing to achieve, this is why we will place your physical location on the top results of this well-known application, to help people discover your business.

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YouTube Channels

Multi Channel Network

MCNs are third-party service providers that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels who offer services to contracted content creators. These services include digital rights management, monetization and target audience development. We introduce our services with the agreement to receive a negotiated percentage of revenue generated from the ads and sponsorships of the YouTube influencer’s channels.

Content Management System

YouTube CMS allows the content to be uploaded and published by its owner on the platform. We use latest YouTube features and tools to organize the client’s channel, protect their content rights, manage their videos, and interact with their fans. In addition to that, we aim to minimize the difficulties involved with advertising, producing, editing videos and increasing the audience.

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Digital Solutions

WhatsApp Marketing

A professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers and improve customer loyalty. With this certain marketing platform, we create contact lists and groups of current and potential customers. We broadcast messages with text, photos and videos. Finally, we measure results through statistics of delivered, read and unread.

SMS Marketing

A powerful way to reach your target audience and get instant response to your offers or promotions. We can design a mobile marketing solution for your business by using our database for bulk SMS. With our advanced targeting features, you can send targeted SMS to the right audience with your predefined conditions.

Email Marketing

For getting good results in email marketing, we need to do it continuously with fixed interval and eye-catching content. Bulk email marketing is an effective and efficient way to increase your sale or to create brand awareness. Our designers will create professional, vibrant and responsive layout templates for your emails. Our service offers you everything that you need about email marketing and the reports will provide detailed stats for your marketing process.

Search Engine Optimization

Driving traffic to a website is one of our specialized services that we provide. Digital Image works with steady pace to enhance the visibility of your web presence. We make sure that your name, brand or company comes on the top results whenever a relevant query is made via the top search engines. SEO includes both technical and content elements required to improve result rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness.

Reports & Analytics

Reporting and analysis are often interchangeable terms but, they are actually different in the performance. Our integrated reporting and analytics solutions are built on a model-based platform that increases the accuracy of enterprises data and delivers applicable information. Our consultants depend on functional and technical experience enable them to understand your reporting and analytics requirements. We deliver reports designed specifically to enable your company to figure out the strength and weakness points.

Domain Name & Hosting

Domain name is the name of the chosen site or URL. In order for the chosen website or URL to appear on the internet, the website needs to be uploaded to a server, that is what we call “hosted” at our hosting service. In Digital Image, we will help you choose the best hosting plan based on the bandwidth, disk space, and required number of email accounts suitable for your business. After purchasing the domain name and the best hosting plan for you, our web development team could help you build your website too.

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